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CloudVO Partner Compares Prices and Customer Reviews with Regus

CloudVO Partner Pacific Workplaces versus Regus Price Analysis Blog Post

It was not even close!

Our Northern California Partner (and sister company) Pacific Workplaces recently conducted a comprehensive comparison of Regus prices vs Pacific Workplaces  based on actual published prices, for a number of virtual office and meeting room bundle of services including:

  • Mail collection and forwarding
  • Digital Mail
  • Live phone answering
  • Bundled access to Day Offices (2 days and 5 days).

Pacific Workplaces also reported on the Regus customer reviews on Google and Yelp and compared them with its own, for each of the locations.

The methodology was the same in all 15 locations that were the object of this benchmarking effort, where nearby locations in buildings and shared office spaces of similar standings were targeted across both companies. The report published by Pacific Workplaces in all transparency includes all locations branded Pacific Workplaces, with no local spinning and no “pick & choose” element that could induce a competitive bias.

The analysis reports the price difference on a location-by-location basis which we can summarize as follows:

  • Regus Basic Mail Plans are 50%+ more expensive than at our CloudVO Northern California partner locations, on average.
  • Regus Virtual Office Packages, which add to the basic mail service a local phone, live answering services, and access to CloudVO Partner Pacific Workplaces versus Regus Price Analysis Blog Post2 days of day office each month, are on average 20%+ more expensive and considerably less flexible.
  • Regus Virtual Office Plus packages that provides 5-day access to day offices each month, on top of mail services, local phone number, and phone answering services, are on average close to 30% more expensive than at our Northern California partner locations, and infinitely less flexible.
  • Hourly rates on meeting rooms are over 70% more expensive. Really?
  • Customer Reviews on Yelp and Google also show big differences in favor of our Northern California partnering locations, often by a significant margin, based on several hundreds of reviews.

See details of this comparative analysis report on our partner Pacific Workplaces web site: Regus Price & Customer Review Comparison. There is also a paragraph that addresses the lack of price competitiveness of Regus in full time offices with reasons as to why.

Thank you Pacific Workplaces for sharing such a comprehensive bench-marking analysis.

Note that we have a few locations in Northern California with even more attractive prices for some of these virtual office services. Check them all on the San Francisco or California pages.

This result is consistent with our own research last year, when we conducted a comprehensive price benchmarking effort focused on hundreds of Regus and CloudVO meeting rooms in the U.S. that pointed to CloudVO meeting rooms being often 50% less expensive than Regus on an
apple-to-apple basis. See the report here.

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