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CloudVO Matches Football Pool Donation for Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief

CloudTouchdown Football Pool

Today, CloudVO donated $410 to the Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief Effort of the American Red Cross, 10% of the initial money raised by the CloudTouchdown Football Pool, which gathered an all-time record of 164 participants. CloudVO matched the 10% that is we also committed to gift to the Boys and Girls Club of America. The remaining 90% of pool funds will be distributed in prize money for winning participants throughout the NFL Season. CloudTouchdown Football Pool CloudVO, previously donated funds to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, and with so much need following the Irma disaster, additional funds are clearly necessary. We realize that $410 is not much, but every little bit will help, and we are thankful to so many CloudVO partners, employees, and friends who made significant contributions during our previous appeal, though, in this arena kudos of every sort must be given to the tremendous fundraising efforts by JJ Watt and his foundation, which reached the $30 million mark last Saturday and surpassed $32 million today!

Hurricane Irma: Disaster Relief & Donations

If you’ve joined the CloudTouchdown Football Pool, please mail a $25 check to the address below: CloudTDCommish 201 Spear St #1100 San Francisco, CA 94105.

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