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CloudVO and WUN Systems Join Forces

CloudVO and WUN Systems Join Forces

CloudVO and WUN Systems Join Forces

Press Release  |  For Immediate Release

CloudVO ™ and WUN Systems team up delivering a Platform to Dramatically Expand Virtual Office and Meeting Room Revenue Opportunities for Partners

Palo Alto, CA, September 18, 2013:  CloudVO ™, the global provider of virtual office solutions and touchdown space for mobile workers and teleworkers, and WUN Systems, the global leader providing best-in-class, cloud-based technology and voice products built for the Workspace-as-a-Service category,  announce today an integration of  WUN Systems’ Virtual2Go e-commerce platform into the CloudVO ™ service offering.
CloudVO ™ workspace partners will have access to WUN’s Virtual2Go e-commerce platform enabling workspace providers to sell Virtual Office and Meeting Rooms on-line. The integration of the two platforms provide partners with the unique ability to:

  • Integrate an e-commerce platform within their website fast and with no up-front costs
  • Expand operating hours and reduce administrative costs by enabling prospective clients to sign up on-line anytime, or with personal support during office hours
  • Sell the meeting rooms and Virtual Offices for all locations in the CloudTouchdown ™ network to support their clients local and mobile needs
  • Choose the exact CloudTouchdown ™ network locations to sell in addition to the provider’s own address(es)
  • Use free CloudTouchdown ™ free VIP membership cards as a competitive tool during the sales and client retention process
  • Utilize WUN’s groundbreaking Security platform to offer one code that provides access to the physical location, meeting room / day office, technology and phones
  • Enable clients to secure live-time DIDs locally and across the globe on-line.
  • Integrate Professional Phone Answering capabilities, which CloudVO ™ delivers to workspace providers on an outsourced, wholesale, basis.

“Workspace providers are seeking ways to streamline costs and tap into new revenue streams, said Hersowitz, CEO & Co-Founder of WUN Systems. This offering achieves just that. With zero up-front expenditure, overnight setup and flexible agreement terms all workspace providers can sell their Virtual Office and Meeting Room products on-line. But it gets better than that. The CloudVO ™ relationship enables providers to sell the services of all participating CloudVO ™ partners. Now, everyone can generate revenue beyond their four walls.”

Virtual2Go is designed to integrate with most technology platforms readily used by workspace providers.  “We are working to integrate with other technology providers seamlessly to benefit the entire workspace industry”, said Hersowitz.

CloudVO ™ and WUN Systems believe that the Workspace-as-a-Service category must integrate its inventory of meeting rooms and present it in a transactional forum to mobile workers and corporate accounts, just as the hotel industry markets their inventory of rooms available for booking via value added resellers.

Laurent Dhollande, CEO of CloudVO ™ added: “This open-ended approach and desire to work with other technology providers is critical. We strongly recommend to our partners to stay away from close-ended systems that do not easily communicate with others. Conversely, we want to encourage technology developers that enable seamless access to real-time booking of meeting rooms like WUN Systems. To that end, we will soon publish a list of technology providers CloudVO ™ endorses. WUN Systems is clearly on that list.”

About WUN Systems

Powering 100,000 seats across 1,000 locations and 10 countries, WUN is the leading global provider of best-in-class cloud based voice and technology products built specifically for workspace-as-a service providers. Via WUN’s one-of-a-kind 360 Program, clients are given the tools to reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies and realize new revenue streams. WUN’s commitment to fuel the workspace revolution and help operators achieve peak performance is evidenced in their groundbreaking product offerings including WUN Data, WIFI, Voice and their latest offerings Virtual2Go and WUN Security.

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