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How the CloudTouchdown Trifold Saved the Day!

Everyone likes hearing feedback! It’s the way we learn, grow, and how our business evolves. Good or bad, it helps you to discover what works, what doesn’t, and how things can be improved. Here at CloudVO ™ we recently heard back from one of our partners, who called to thank us for the  CloudTouchdown brochure. This Partner shared that they were in a head to head competition with Regus for a client and felt they were pushing ahead when the client shared that with Regus’ BusinessWorld card they would be able to hold regular required meetings in 4 different U.S. cities. Aha! – this partner let us know that by referencing the CloudTouchdown ™ trifold, they were able to quickly confirm the availability of each of the required cities and the deal was done…a landed client. That is money in your pocket!


See details below:

  • Prospect inquired with our partner and also at the Regus center across the street.
  • Proposals were quite similar in offerings, as far as office size and rates. However, the prospect mentioned that Regus had a program called the BusinessWorld Card, from which he would actually benefit quiet a bit. He has regular meetings in 4 cities across the United States. This offering was a necessity for his business, and may have been the deciding factor, forcing him to choose Regus.
  • Queue the partner’s customized CloudTouchdown ™ Trifold! They explained they have a program comparable to the Regus Businessworld card. While checking out the brochure, the client was easily able to see that he would also be able to book his meetings in the cities he needed, if he chose our partner’s location.
  • With this added benefit, the partner was able to close the deal and sign the prospect on the spot!

Of course this is the best kind of feedback, and we were happy the partner relayed this helpful information back to us at CloudVO ™! Extending your network through CloudTouchdown ™, you never know when that option might be a tipping point for a prospect choosing your location over another. Always remember to use this powerful tool when touring prospective clients or inquiring individuals over the phone. This was a lovely story of success and how CloudTouchdown ™ was able to save the day!

Note: We love the praise, but if you have specific suggestions that will help us provide a better service to you, our partners, feel free to share that feedback as well!

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