Checklist for Setting Up A New Coworking Space

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Are you opening up a new coworking space?  We know it can be overwhelming or easy to forget what is next on a long list of tasks when planning a new workspace. That’s why our team at CloudVO created a simple checklist to keep you on track during each phase.

Many of us have imagined what our new coworking space would look like and how it will be different from the thousands of new spaces opening up each year, but opening a coworking space is so much more than just finding some real estate and filling it with furniture. Everything from establishing a clear business model, considering the type of community you are creating a space for, thinking through your marketing and operations strategy, and planning information sessions or pre-launch events to ramp up interest all need to be addressed.

Download this Setting Up a New Coworking Space Checklist resource as a high-level outline of the things a space operator should be prepared to tackle throughout this challenging, yet exciting, process.

We’re always eager to hear your story about your space, so if you have any other suggestions, please share with our team.

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