What Makes For A Best In Class Community Manager?

Global Workspace Association Community Manager Awards 2020

Recently, we shared in the congratulations to the nominees and winners of the Global Workspace Association’s 2020 Community Manager of the Year Award.   This week, we thought we’d share what we’ve learned about what makes for Best in Class Community Managers, over our many years of working exclusively with managed flexible office space providers.  We’ve also reached out to some of our industry friends for their input to share with you as well.


When you sit down with your next Community Manager candidate, this is the number one, most important thing to look for. Ask yourself, first and foremost, does this candidate exude a positive energy? There are other skills required, of course, but without this as a bedrock, you won’t have best in class. 

As Kris Elliott, COO, Novel Coworking confirms, ‘the most important skill a Community Manager must fulfill to be best in class? Positive attitude. People enjoy happy people and a community full of positive, happy people is a winning community.”

High Hospitality

Make no mistake about it, the flex office industry is a hospitality business.  The number two requirement for hiring best in class, is to make sure your Community Manager has an ethos of service.  There are so many complications that arise on a day-to-day basis, and many things can be overlooked, when the core of the effort is to be of service.

Our friend Casey Godwin, President, FlexSpace Advisors shares this thinking similarly: ‘Best in class Community Managers possess a warm and inviting personality which makes potential new members feel at home from the first tour and ultimately determines the early success of leasing up the space. More importantly, the interpersonal skills of the Community Managers are key to connecting with members. Understanding members on a personal level, what makes them happy, how to connect them with others, and what drives their business, will ultimately play a critical role in fostering the type of community we’re all seeking in today’s world.’

Strong Multi-tasking Abilities

We’ve all met those individuals that can only work with singular focus.  We have to love the diversity of personality in this world.  However, this person is most definitely not a candidate for Community Manager in the coworking space world.  You need to ascertain that any candidate for this job can almost literally do two tasks simultaneously.  Can they graciously clear a stubborn copier jam while conducting a tour of the space – effectively using the moment as an onboarding training?  If the answer is ‘yes’, this is the Community Manager for you.

Kris Elliott with Novel Coworking is again on point with her thoughts: “The most important skill a Community Manger should have is the ability to multi-task. There’s no telling what each new day will bring. Come in with a can-do attitude, juggle 700 things at once, and be ready to go again the next day.”

Know How and Multi-Disciplinary Savvy

There’s a quote, ‘a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.’  Yes! This describes the role of the Community Manager.  A best in class Community Manager is among other things: a sales guru, a social media/marketing guru, tech savvy, and a community organizer.  When hiring for this position, review the candidates background for an array of skills and interests, you’ll probably find what you are looking for in someone with a multi-disciplinary background, or at the least, someone with a high degree of intellectual curiosity.

Michelle Stiegler, VP, Corporate Accounts & Partnerships, Premier Workspaces, concurs: “The CM is not only responsible for the business functions (Facilities, Sales, Billing, Communication to members, etc.) but in order to be best in class, they must also be well rounded and be able to plan member events and the PR with those events and also involved in Social Media promoting the community.

Leadership and Interpersonal Communication

As fun as the Community Manager job can be, there are those times which require a mastery of delicate communication.  There’s the very loud member, that must be tamed, the unfortunate odiferous situation that requires address, the non-paying member with personal financial difficulties, the inappropriately dressed staff, the list goes on. While rarely enjoyable, a best in class Community Manager takes on these issues and many others with grace, honesty and compassion.  Not every situation is smooth, but a great Community Manager learns and hones their skills for the next delicate situation and shows the rest of us how it’s done.

Oh, yes, Scott Chambers, COO of Pacific Workplaces agrees.  A Best in Class CM is willing to confront the uncomfortable and do so in such a way as to find a balance between the needs of the members and the needs of the business.

As does, Mara Hauser, President 25NCoworking and Workplace Studios: The most important skill a Community Manager needs is leadership.  The person in the role needs to balance the needs for the physical space, the coworkers and the business. They are the face of the business and they set the tone for the community. 

Written by Tracy Wilson
COO of CloudVO
Pacific Workplaces Managing Partner

About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the CloudTouchdown network that grants preferential access to day offices and meeting rooms at nearly 1,000 locations worldwide.

Virtual Tour Best Practices: A Guide for Flexible Office Space Operators

Virtual Tour Best Practices for Coworking Operators | CloudVO

Virtual tours don’t have to be a temporary thing just because of Covid. If done right, you can leverage your video tours as a marketing asset that will help you attract new members, as well as help you gain more in-person tours in the future.

To help, we’ve put together an infographic which summarizes the most important things to consider when creating a virtual tour. We hope these video tips and best practices help you create a virtual tour that really ‘shows-off’ the best attributes of your coworking space.

Tell us a bit about yourself before downloading this resource.

Summary of Virtual Tour Best Practices


  • Images should be high resolution (300 pixels or higher).
  • Make sure to have consistency in style (landscape or portrait).
  • Eye-level photos are best.
  • Lighting- take photos in spaces with windows and natural light if possible.
  • Show people – empty meeting rooms start to look very sterile.

Recording Footage

  • Intro footage should include you introducing yourself and the area before you walk them into your coworking space for the actual tour.
  • Things to include:  exterior, a sweep of the interior, and show your team!
  • Quick audio overview of services + safety protocols, or new features that address safety.
  • Remember to smile 🙂 or wave. You want to look friendly.
  • Here are some good examples of what other space operators have done: Pacific Workplaces, The Kiln, Industrious


  • Don’t forget to split clips and discard footage you don’t need.
  • Add titles – name of space, selling details, etc.
  • Make smooth transitions between clips.
  • Add a closing title card that includes location and contact info (change font size if necessary so it looks clean).
  • Focus on your products and add still videos, if necessary.
  • Place titles on all still photos.


  • Narration – audio should match the video.
  • Volume of all audio should be equal.
  • Music – we recommend “Timelapse” audio from iMovie.
  • Be sure to fade music out at the end.


  • Final video should be no more than 2-3 minutes. (90 seconds is impossible for a proper tour).
  • Publish .mov file onto Vimeo or any video hosting platform that is easy for others to access.
  • Include virtual tour links on:
    • Website
    • Emails to prospective members
    • Google/Yelp (30-second trailers)

Partner with us and get free resources specifically for workspace operators. Listing is free. Go to  www.CloudVO.com  to learn how to join our global network of nearly 1,000 workspace operators.

About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the CloudTouchdown network that grants preferential access to day offices and meeting rooms at nearly 1,000 locations worldwide.

How To Handle Companies Using Your Business Address Without Paying for It: Tips for Coworking Operators

San Francisco Business Address | Pacific Workplaces | CloudVO

As a flexible office space operator, business address and mail services are a huge part of your offering. Your members and clients pay to use your physical and professional business address on their website, marketing collateral, local listings, and business cards. But how do you handle former clients, or members who utilize your business address that are not paying for the service?

Our sister company, Pacific Workplaces, with 17 flexible office space locations in California and Nevada, offers this resource on how to reach out to someone using your business address without paying for it.

Please fill out your information below to download the ‘Cease and Desist Utilizing our Business Adddress’ letter as an example on how to manage this issue. There are two letter templates provided. The first is a a simple email asking them to stop claiming your address and offering to sign them up for a virtual office plan which includes mail services. If that is unsuccessful, see sample letter #2 reflecting a stronger Cease and Desist letter as a follow-up demand.

About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the CloudTouchdown network that grants preferential access to day offices and meeting rooms at nearly 1,000 locations worldwide.

Five Social Media Branding Tips for Multi-Location Coworking Space Operators

Social Media Branding Tips for Coworking Space Operators | CloudVO

Flexible office space operators with multiple locations have the extra challenge of reflecting a cohesive brand from a marketing and customer experience standpoint.

CloudVO’s sister company, Pacific Workplaces (Pac), with 17 flexible office space locations in California and Nevada, is sharing its internal webinar with CloudVO Partners.  In this team training, Social Media Manager Sasha Bonar covers best practices on how to keep a consistent look and feel in messaging and design on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to communicate a cohesive brand across multiple coworking locations. 

Please fill out your information below to view the video recording of the Social Media Branding Training.

Training Highlights

5 Social Media Branding Tips for Multi-Location Coworking Space Operators | CloudVO


You want visitors of any of your coworking spaces to know what your brand is about based on a few elements, and the same holds true when looking at your social profiles, or anything you communicate to the public on a local level.  Every space can have its own unique flavor and community, but there should be uniformity in terms of branding.

  • Brand Logos should be standard across all locations and should not be altered in any way
  • Use company-wide standard fonts and colors on all content
  • Create a branding sheet that contains the proper logo to use with specific hex codes and fonts and make it accessible to your team

Profile Bios

Think of your location as a subset of your entire brand as a whole. Location profile bios and pictures should be uniform and feel like one brand/company.

  • Location specific social media accounts should use the same profile image as the main brand account.
  • Cover photo could be a high-quality image of your specific space exterior (or an interior space with good lighting), but all profile photos should be the main brand logo or icon.
  • Depending on the social media platform, you should consider including the following information in your bio:
    • Where you are located, who you are, what you provide, contact information, and link to your specific location page on your website.
    • If you have a specific tagline it should be included in bio’s, captions, etc.  Adding your tagline helps create a clear message about the services you offer.
    • If character count allows, include keywords and call to actions in your bio.

Instagram Link in Bio

This is where you will direct your audience whenever using a call to action (i.e. directing folks to a special offer, blog, or to your newsletter).  We highly recommend using a link service like Taplink.  Each location can have its own set of links specifically for your audience, but you should include some standardized links such as a link to your Health & Safety page on your website.

Additionally, the profile pages on your link service such as Taplink should be uniform (i.e. use the same colors, logos, etc. as your main brand).  Also keep in mind that these links need to be updated regularly. 

Instagram Captions

The length of your Instagram caption depends on the type of content.

  • Longer captions are best for sharing more about the brand, offers/promotions, storytelling, etc.
  • If you’re sharing a lifestyle post, a short and snappy caption is best
  • No direct links should be used in captions.
  • Include only a few main hashtags related to your post and add the rest of your hashtags to a comment.
  • Use a call to action to encourage your audience to visit your website or purchase a product.
  • If you want to share a post, avoid copying and pasting the same caption as your other locations.  When reposting, try to change the caption and make it unique to your location.

Local Offers 

Facebook, Yelp, and Google Posts are great platforms to use for local offers, but check with your marketing team to make sure they’re not already advertising a similar offer for the entire company.

Every platform has a slightly different process for creating a local offer, so familiarize yourself with the process for each individual platform.  We recommend having a start and expiration date for each offer and also attaching a UTM tracking link to whatever landing page or form you are sending prospects who want to learn more or redeem your special offer.

Why CloudVO is Partnering with Syncaroo

CloudVO partners with Syncaroo Platform for Coworking Space Operators

Disinfecting tables and door handles. Check.
Clearing out the trash. Check. 
Making coffee. Check. 
Open booking calendar to prepare for clients coming in for the day. Check. Replying to emails. Started.
Updating business information on all. of. the. sites. Not started.

One of the reasons flexible workspace operators can’t seem to get through their daily worklist is often due to just not having enough time. Factor in the laundry list of safety checks and tasks conducted hourly, if not more, this leaves coworking operators and their teams with very little bandwidth for some of the mundane operational tasks that often get added to the “rainy day” list. And does that rainy day ever arrive?

Streamline local listing updates

That is where Syncaroo comes in. The platform enables you to streamline your process of updating your listing(s) and increase your productivity. Workspace operators can control business information such as packages, spaces, amenities, and bookings within their preferred workspace management system, and have their listings automatically updated across several platforms and directories. This is why CloudVO is proud to be an early adopter of integrating with Syncaroo to provide a faster synchronization process for our partners.

It’s a no-brainer that this kind of automation allows teams to work more efficiently throughout their day, focusing on what matters most: their members. 

Another significant benefit to using a single interface for your business listing is that it helps avoid having duplications or outdated information displayed on the internet, which may be confusing to potential and existing customers. Say goodbye to copying and pasting, and say hello to more time spent on enhancing the consumer experience with your brand.

How does Syncaroo Work?

Connect Syncaroo to your preferred management system, from where you’ll manage your business information, products, and services, and then choose which reseller platforms and marketing channels to automatically sync data and changes with. What’s even better? Getting started with syncing your lockdown status is free of charge.

CloudVO partners with Syncaroo platform for flexible office space providers

But there is more to this freemium app. Syncaroo will also remove the barrier of entry to real-time bookings across multiple platforms, skipping the need to connect with these platforms via API, while reducing your operational costs. 

Get started today with Syncaroo. CloudVO Partners receive a discount on paid plans. Contact Partners@CloudVO.com for your special offer code.

About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the CloudTouchdown network that grants preferential access to day offices and meeting rooms at nearly 1,000 locations worldwide.

How Flexible Office Space Operators Can Provide Quality Network Security in their Coworking Spaces

Network Security for Coworking Space Operators | CloudVO

Many of our CloudVO partners have asked us about best practices when it comes to network security. What is the best network architecture for a flexible office space? How do we ensure data security for coworking members who make up diverse groups of startups, professional firms, remote workers, corporate users, and work-from-home professionals?

Cost and resources come into play as many space operators don’t have massive budgets to spend on their IT infrastructure. Things can get complicated fast when dealing with hardware, software, cloud services, and everything that goes into setting up a network. Here are some basic best practices to consider when configuring the network security in your coworking space.

Data Security

The general concept of data security is putting in place protective measures to reduce the risk of cyber attacks or theft of digital information. Note there are some differences when considering wired versus wireless data security which we outline below.

Wired Security

In the wired world, you want to have different Internet Protocols or IP subnets per office (i.e. separate networks for each office).  This makes it so printers and computers in one office cannot see and access these devices in another office. Without this security set up, businesses in the financial industry, enterprise corporations, or any type of industry that handles sensitive information will likely see a barrier to choosing your space as they must comply with government sanctions for financial institutions.

Without private security, you can suggest to your member to set-up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on their end which does provide security, but there are complications and limitations. For instance, on your shared network, everyone would have to use a VPN to gain that privacy, which is more cumbersome and slows down your computer. There are also limits to how many VPN clients you can have on the same network. Our sister company, Pacific Workplaces, uses the proprietary Yardi Data Appliance to create different subnets per office.

Wireless Security

Wireless networks are inherently unsecure and the idea here is that your coworking space can offer more security to its users than if they decided to work in a coffee house. Make sure you have Wifi Protected Access (WPA 1 or WPA 2). This is a set of security standards that includes encryption.  But, traditionally, all wireless users have access to anybody on the same wireless network.  This is why when you put a printer on wifi, others on the same wifi network can access it.  Therefore, you want the ability to have a solution that will place the wireless user in a different subnet.

One solution is to create a MAC-based Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN). A VLAN is another word for an IP subnet. A LAN is created when you have a router that creates a different subnet.  A Virtual LAN is where you can create a subnet within a switch and add different switch ports to that same subnet.  A Media Access Control or MAC-based VLAN is where you can create a subnet over the wireless network and assign MAC Addresses to those different VLANs.  The Mac Address is basically the network adapter ID of any device (i.e. kind of like a unique fingerprint for any device).  So whenever a device connects to wifi in your shared space, the system will place the wireless device on a secure office network.  This makes it so your wireless device is secured similarly as if it were plugged into a wall jack.  There are products out there that help you manage MAC-based VLANs.  Providers like Essensys and Yardi are familiar with our industry and can help.

Data Security for Coworking Spaces | CloudVO


For a flexible office space operator, firewalling can be tricky.  A firewall gives you control on what traffic can come through your network. When you have members who make up a multitude of businesses and industries on your network, it’s hard to limit access.  For instance, one member wishes to limit certain types of websites, but another member wants to access them, making it difficult to centrally limit traffic.  For those members that need additional security, consider an architecture that includes firewall access, which gives the member control over what comes in and out of their subnet. Members can also install their own firewall to limit traffic that comes in and out of their subnet. 

Data Speed

You can’t have slow internet. It’s a deal-breaker. Don’t get anything less than 100 megabits up and down. One Gig is ideal, and even with that said, in the next couple years, we will surpass the gig. 

You also have to make sure your data infrastructure can support the faster speed (i.e. cabling, data switches, and wifi access points all have to be able to handle faster speeds).  If you want to offer fast internet but don’t have the infrastructure to support it, it’s like having a super-fast highway, but the on-ramp to get on the freeway has one lane with potholes.

While these guidelines are general, they should be useful to space operators as a starting point on what to consider when planning your network infrastructure. All of this can get very complicated to do on your own.  If network security isn’t top of mind, then maintaining your network is pretty easy, but if you need more security, or are trying to market to Enterprise clients and specific industries who really care about security, you should consider hiring an IT consultant to help you get set-up and be available when problems arise.  As your infrastructure gets more complicated, you are going to need technical expertise.  Once your network is in place, you can put IT consultants on retainer for support to help with maintenance and troubleshooting.

About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the CloudTouchdown network that grants preferential access to day offices and meeting rooms at nearly 1,000 locations worldwide.

5 Flexible Office Space Marketing Strategies Post COVID-19

5 Flexible Office Space Marketing Strategies Post Covid-19 | CloudVO

Covid-19 has shaken our world.  As state and local governments allow businesses to reopen, how should flexible office space operators adjust their marketing game plan to prepare for the new normal?  

Here are five things operators can do right now to market their spaces during this era of Covid.

1. Market your Virtual Office services now more than ever

A strong virtual office offering is so important in today’s climate as people are choosing to work from home (WFH) with a combination of flexible office services.  Show off your broad menu of Virtual Office Plans on your website.  Create bundled plans that include a business address with mail services, live answering services, and access to meeting rooms.  Allow add-ons such as 24/7 access or a digital mailbox.  Digital mail plans are one of the most valuable resources to WFH professionals.  

Virtual office (VO) users are very price sensitive, so do your homework and benchmark your competition and price your plans competitively.  Lower the barriers to entry by making all plans month-to-month and waive any service deposit if users auto-pay monthly via credit card.  

In terms of marketing tactics on your website, here are a few things to tackle:

  • Update copy on your site for virtual office keywords to help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  
  • Refresh images and update alt text and metadata to reflect relevant search queries.
  • Update services, images, and descriptions on local listings (Google My Business, Yelp, Apple Places, and Bing Places.
  • Use the tools Google gives you (i.e. Search Console, Analytics, and Trends ) to refine your keyword strategy.
  • Create content about virtual offices through your blog.  You can then leverage social media to promote those blogs and drive people to your site.

If you have the budget for Google or Bings Ads, set up dynamic search ads. Create ad groups for the services you are offering. Based on the keyword research, set-up ads using a manual CPC (cost-per-click) bid strategy so you can control the daily budget and maximum CPC. Leverage ad extensions to display snippets, site links, and locations to optimize your ads. For more information on PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, check out this training

Along with your own marketing efforts, listing with an aggregator or value- added reseller like CloudVO will help expand your market reach. 

Lastly, and we can’t stress this enough, your Virtual Office Plans should be available for purchase on your website.  People want instant gratification.  If they’re on your site and want to purchase a plan, they want to buy it now!  The inability for a prospect to purchase a virtual office online can be a reason they choose to go with another provider, so get that e-commerce rolling already!

Online Virtual Office Plans at Pacific Workplaces | CloudVO
Online Virtual Office Plans at Pacific Workplaces (sister company of CloudVO).

2. Come up with a new strategy for member engagement in your space and promote it!

Maya Delano, “OG” Community Manager at NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz has implemented new ways to keep people connected during this time of physical distancing.

  • Host your happy hour onsite and online. NextSpace Santa Cruz set-up a “Zoom” area so members who are onsite can interact with our virtual members during happy hour. It’s as easy as opening up your laptop and starting a zoom session. Onsite members can take turns saying a quick hello, and the six-feet distancing floor decals assure this is done in a safe and healthy manner.
  • Provide opportunities for your members to be interviewed. Connect them to local organizations and community groups hosting webinars so they can share their expertise. This creates awesome content for you, promotes your member’s business, and continues the networking value of your membership.
  • Host your own monthly online event. NextSpace brought back its “What’s Next Lecture Series.” This is a monthly 40-minute Zoom event that highlights a member as the speaker. Sometimes experts in a certain industry or specific topic are invited to speak as well. The format is usually 10-20 minutes of presenting and then 20 minutes of Q&A. It’s important to curate topics that are relevant to today’s issues. Be sure to record the event so you can use the content on various social media platforms.
  • Re-imaginine your space. It’s important to communicate, communicate, communicate! Host a weekly Q&A Zoom session that gives your members an update on the space, what’s happening within your community, and discuss any health and safety updates. Every member has their own timing and comfort level as to when they want to return to the space. This give members (and non-members) who are considering a possible return, the opportunity to get their questions and concerns answered. It’s also become a great opportunity for members to share their ideas about the space and get feedback.

3. Virtual Tours

Remember what we said before about instant gratification?  This applies to space tours as well.  You should have high-quality video virtual tours ready to send to new prospects during the sales process.  

Highlight your space and focus on the products and services you offer.  If you are incorporating still images in your tour, make sure they are high resolution.  Use transitions between clips.  The narration parts of the video should match any music you include.  You should also add a closing title card with your location and contact information.  The final video should be no longer than 2 to 3 minutes.  

Pacific Workplaces Roseville Virtual Tour | CloudVO

These virtual tours should be considered an important sales and marketing tool, so take the time to make sure they look good and communicate your unique value proposition to potential members.

Pro tip: Try posting your virtual tour on IGTV.  This is an easy way for potential members looking at your Instagram account to view your space.  You can easily upload your video to IGTV via the web at Instagram.com or use the IG app.

4. Spotlight your Tech

In this time of Covid, people are looking for more than just a desk and wi-fi.  As an operator, you can set yourself apart by marketing the robust technology users can enjoy when they work at your space.

Adding technology services can be costly, but it’s an investment.  Users will expect their flexible office space to offer better tech options than their home office can provide.  Here are some things to highlight on your website, marketing collateral and ad campaigns:

  • High-speed fiber gig internet (or 100 megabits up and down at the minimum).
  • Meeting rooms that are fully-equipped with the latest technology including smart whiteboards and mirror displaying devices (AppleTV, Apple Airplay).
  • Tech that reduces the need for international travel such as Language Boxes for real-time translation between 10 different languages.
  • Real-time meeting room and guest office booking capabilities so members can easily schedule access to the space.
  • Keyless entry into your space.
  • Video conferencing capabilities such as Zoom Rooms.  Enterprise users and large corporations, in particular, will want to leverage high-end video conferencing as a solution to connect with remote workers, customers, and employees.
Zoom Room at Pacific Workplaces Cupertino | CloudVO
Zoom Room at Pacific Workplaces Cupertino

5.  A Transparent Health & Safety Policy

In this current climate, businesses need to spell out their health and safety measures.  Prospects and members need to feel like working at your space is just as safe as working from home (or safer!)

Create a landing page on your website which specifically addresses the health and safety protocols in your space.  Make this page prominent and accessible from anywhere on your site and update it regularly.  People want to know what to expect when they enter your space.  

Make sure your community managers are aware of the page and encourage them to leverage it during the sales process to ensure prospects that health and safety are top of mind.  If you don’t know where to start, here is the Health & Safety Policy of our sister company Pacific Workplaces as a sample.

What are some of your post Covid marketing strategies? Let us know about them, or partner with us and get access to resources that can keep your space successful during these unprecedented times.

About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the CloudTouchdown network that grants preferential access to day offices and meeting rooms at nearly 1,000 locations worldwide for mobile workers and distributed workforces under a subscription model or on a pay-per-use basis.

What’s the Cost to List a Coworking Space on CloudVO?

In one word, it is Free. Watch the short video from Amanda Leffew, our Director of Operations to get a feel for how it works.

CloudVO makes money by retaining a percentage of the subscription revenue for services delivered locally by its partners. The platform will automatically calculate the discounted rates to CloudVO after the partner enters their published retail rates in the partner portal. The discounts are:

  • 10% for Full-time Office membership
  • 10% for monthly Coworking passes
  • 25% for Virtual Mail Plans
  • 25% for Meeting Room booking
  • 50% for hourly day offices and daily coworking passes

This applies to all recurring charges collected by CloudVO from its clients. Any incidental charges, such as copies or food catering, should be billed directly by the partner to CloudVO’s clients when they use these services at the partner’s premises, and are not subject to any revenue sharing with CloudVO.

The discounts are necessary to cover CloudVO’s marketing costs, corporate account infrastructure, billing, collection, and operational costs required to support clients and their corporate sponsors.

Partners are asked to enter their retail pricing, i.e. the locally published rates in their standard collateral or website. It is critical that the retail rates provided by CloudVO Partners are consistent with the pricing structure offered at the local level to direct clients.  This allows us to remain competitive and offer fairly priced service packages to clients across the board. Otherwise the location listing will be de-activated from the CloudVO site.

From a partner standpoint, CloudVO is the client and CloudVO’s client is the end-user of the services delivered locally by the partner. Keep in mind that in many cases the client will purchase a broader package that involves services delivered centrally by CloudVO, such as phone answering, concierge services, and needs a single point of contact and billing for the use of multiple locations. CloudVO leverages its technology platform to automate many of the processes involved, which keeps the channel cost low.  In the end, this pricing approach makes the relationship between CloudVO, Partner, and Client very efficient.

Partner with us today. Listing is free. Go to www.CloudVO.com to join.

About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the CloudTouchdown network that grants preferential access to day offices and meeting rooms at nearly 1,000 locations worldwide for mobile workers and distributed workforces under a subscription model or on a pay-per-use basis.

How CloudVO Helps you Establish & Promote a Virtual Mail Business Today

Virtual Mail has proven to be a robust business over the last 15 years, both in good times and in recessionary times.  For this reason, every coworking operator should develop their own Virtual Office (VO) service offering. CloudVO can help in several ways:

What we can do today

During the COVID-19 crisis, we have seen high demand for Mail Services, particularly Digital Mail that enables clients to skip going to the office. We anticipate many members will keep this service as they go back to “normal”.  CloudVO can help you structure a mail service offering and promote it online now.

Mail Services

Basic Mail Services are often provided to full time members, as part of the coworking or private office membership.  VO clients should be charged a specific fee for the basic mail service.  Add-on services, such as mail forwarding or digital mail plans, should be charged to both full time members and VO clients. Table 1 shows a description of various mail services easy to set up and suggested retail prices.  

Virtual Mail Services Suggested Prices | CloudVO

These services are easy to set up and may not require additional staff resources until the operator reaches 150 VO plans or so.  Keep in mind that each incremental plan will require a minimum amount of resources and it may take 18 months or more to get to 100 plans. Also keep in mind that, much like in a gym membership, a few VO clients may be heavy users, but most receive little or no mail on a weekly basis. 

The suggested prices in Table 1 reflect the expected costs associated with staff processing the mail, handling the VO clients, the cost of other resources that may be needed, and a profit margin in the 70% range. These prices have been adopted by many of our partners, and we would like to strongly encourage you to do the same. Consistency and standardization helps reduce customer confusion. But you are free to set up your own charges for this service. Update your price list here.

We recommend that you actively market these mail services in your local market. Listing with a value added reseller like CloudVO.com will help expand your market reach. It’s free. CloudVO only keeps 25% of the subscription revenue generated by the VO client, takes care of billing and collection, advertises across the United States, and pays its partners by the 5th of each calendar month. Any incidental or variable items can be charged directly by the operator to the client without any revenue sharing with CloudVO.

The Digital Mail application will typically automate the interaction with the member after taking a picture of the mail from a smartphone. The software recognizes what each piece of mail is for and automatically notifies the member who then instructs the operator to implement the desired action, including forwarding, retaining it at the coworking place for pick-up, scanning and emailing, or shredding.

Vitual Mail and Digital Mail Services | CloudVO

Cost of the digital mail platform to the operator can be $4 to $6 per user per month, depending on volume, or quite a bit less with the CloudVO partner discount. Ask Support@CloudVO.com 

Any incidental or variable items (non-recurring charges, such as copies or postage), can be charged directly by the operator to the client without any revenue sharing with CloudVO.

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About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the CloudTouchdown network that grants preferential access to day offices and meeting rooms at nearly 1,000 locations worldwide for mobile workers and distributed workforces under a subscription model or on a pay-per-use basis.

How to Add Phone Answering to your Virtual Office Offerings

The easiest Virtual Office (VO) service to add to a mail service or virtual mail offering is live phone answering. This can be done on an outsourced basis with CloudAnswering, a CloudVO service, such that the operator does not need to staff a phone answering attendant.

How to add Phone Answering to Virtual Office Plans | CloudVO

Who needs live phone answering?

Whereas many professionals are happy to answer calls directly on their cell phone, some look at live answering as a critical service that increases their productivity. This is true for many attorneys, sales professionals, consultants, financial service people, and many more. 

Live phone answering is a way to establish a local business presence that is stronger than just using the business address and mail services at the flexible office space. It allows for:

  • Never losing a call during business hours
  • An attorney or a customer support person to have a few critical seconds to recollect a case when the call is announced and before it is transferred.
  • The use of a local phone number to reinforce the local presence on top of the business address

Setting up a client on phone answering is easy

Once the client is identified, let Support@CloudVO.com know and we will take care of everything on your behalf directly with the client. The table below shows our recommended retail price to the client, and the operator wholesale cost. The margins kept by the operator is in the 75% to 80% range.

Live Phone Answering Suggested Pricing | CloudVO

Standard services is a bare-bones answering service for the cost-conscious customer. Our attendants, located in our two answering centers in Sacramento, CA, and in Reno, NV, will answer the calls using the customized greeting requested by the client. For example, “Hello, you have reached the Law Offices of Jason Smith, this is Sally, how may I help you?” If the caller wants to talk to Jason Smith, the attendant will make a blind transfer to voicemail or to a specific number, as requested by the client, without announcing the call.

With Executive Services, the attendant will screen and announce the call to the VO client and transfer the call, or not, according to the client’s instruction.

Check our website for more details on outsourced phone answering services with CloudVO. This service can be offered to VO clients but also to your full time members.

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