CloudVO Launches The Antidote To Home Office Syndrome

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CloudVO, the San Francisco-based online provider of Workplace-as-a-Service, offers its CloudTouchdown program to large corporations looking for solutions to support the evolving needs of enterprise workers. CloudTouchdown is designed to provide people who work-from-home the ability to check into a part-time office at a flexible location close to home with a subscription plan.

“Working from home is great, but sometimes the kitchen table does not do it anymore, and you may starve to work in a quiet and safe professional office,” said Laurent Dhollande, CloudVO CEO. “CloudTouchdown
passes give you Work-Near-Home when you need relief from Work-From-Home.”

With COVID-19, for many, going back to the corporate campus is not even an option. Companies like Google, Facebook, and many others have told their employees not to come back to the office until way into 2021. Others like Twitter have told them they could work remotely permanently.

A recent article in Psychology Today highlights that “those unable to cope with the upheaval that the virus has caused in their lives may be feeling somewhat stressed, lonely, exhausted, and, perhaps, overwhelmed –symptoms of what psychiatrists and psychologists sometimes refer to as “home office syndrome.”

A study released by The Stanford Institute for Economic Research in June quantified how challenging work-from-home is. Only 49% of responders said they can work privately in a room other than their bedroom. Only 36.3% of employees said they can work at home 100% of the time.

Karina Patel, CloudVO’s Director of Marketing said, “People have grown accustomed to working from home, which may work well most of the time, but not all of the time. A CloudTouchdown Pass gives them the opportunity to check into a peaceful private office close to home.”

CloudTouchdown Pass holders can select the location of their choice among the 900 venues affiliated with CloudVO. Venues are carefully vetted for their professionalism, amenities, customer reviews, and Health & Safety protocols.

A local pass costs less than $200/month for 20 credits. One credit can be redeemed for one hour of day office use in most locations. More credits are needed for meeting rooms, but small, quiet, and safe private offices do
the trick to provide welcome relief from work-from-home on a part-time, on-demand basis. Passes can also be purchased with 50 monthly credits at a higher price.

When asked who will pay for the CloudTouchdown Pass, Dhollande said, “We believe that most employers will respond favorably to a request from their employees to get a CloudTouchdown Pass. It’s 5 to 6 times less expensive than a dedicated office. They just need to ask.”

CloudVO believes that this concept of the CloudTouchdown Pass, specifically designed to supplement work-from-home, is the first of its kind anywhere in the nation and beyond. It works well for the sponsoring companies because they can budget a fixed amount each month per employee. It works well for employees to keep their sanity.


About CloudVO

CloudVO is a provider of comprehensive on-demand workspace solutions under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO supports work-from-home and distributed workforces by providing access to professional offices, coworking space, virtual offices, and meeting rooms at 900 affiliated locations worldwide.

CloudVO Announces New Workplace Services to Support Remote Work out of a Network of 900 Flexible Office Locations

Website to Support Remote Work | CloudVO


September 1, 2020 (San Francisco, CA) – While people have learned to work-from-home and their corporate offices are moving fast towards extinction, many still need to access a professional workplace for concentrated work, for social reasons… and for their sanity! Just not an office that involves any long, dreaded commute.

CloudVO, the San Francisco-based online provider of Workplace-as-a-Service, unveiled today a new e-commerce site with a wide array of workplace solutions that can be perused and purchased online. This includes virtual offices, meeting room bookings, coworking passes, and also full-time private offices at any of CloudVO’s 900 affiliated locations worldwide that can be reviewed, selected, and transacted on without even touring the office space.

CloudVO’s new website integrates four previous websites–,,, and the previous version of–in one powerful, fully integrated platform where professionals can find a complete suite of workplace solutions that support mobility, work-from-home, and distributed workforces.

As a new feature, private offices can be booked online for an hour, for a month, for a year, or more, with full price transparency. Offices are furnished with a shared infrastructure that has all the tools and amenities one would expect in a modern corporate campus.

Andy Coan, CEO of Palo Alto-based company Splice Communications, who has secured full-time office space in several CloudVO affiliated locations in Northern California said, “When we needed a satellite office in Sacramento, we had very specific location requirements by Watt Avenue and HWY 50. CloudVO had a new location that fit our needs perfectly well and we did not have to see it to reserve the space, because we have established a track record of trust with the provider, the price was right, and we knew it would work. And in fact, it did!”

Michael Bower, CEO of San Jose-based Lifeguard Solutions who has purchased CloudVO virtual office plans to scale his business and reach global markets, said, “Most recently we purchased a plan in Toronto for our two-person team. It gave them a place to meet regularly outside of their home office and provide us a secured local base. Once I got the chance to visit the Canada team, a few months later, I was quite impressed by the quality of the space. CloudVO gave us an affordable way to scale our business into new regions.”

A virtual office plan gives the users access to remote workplace services connected to a physical location, such as digital mail services, business identity, access to private offices, hot desks, and meeting rooms on a part-time basis, under a subscription plan.
CloudVO uses stringent criteria for independent flexible office space and coworking operators to join its network, including:

  • On-permise staff
  • Blazing fast Internet (often 1 gig, and soon more)
  • Free Wifi
  • Furnished offices
  • Fully-equipped meeting rooms
  • Professional design with strong ergonomic considerations
  • Private offices and open coworking
  • Monitored customer reviews
  • Membership with reputable workplace associations such as GWA and GCUC
  • Robust Health & Safety Protocols

“People are becoming more comfortable purchasing workplace solutions online,” said Laurent Dhollande, CloudVO’s CEO. “The confinement has accelerated this trend out of necessity, but buyers need to feel comfortable that they are not sold a bill of goods.”

Amanda Leffew, CloudVO’s Director of Operations, added, “That’s why our selection criteria and our monitoring of the quality of service are paramount elements of our value proposition, beyond the e-commerce component of it, full price transparency, and our vetting of buyers via web notary services, such that our workplace providers can feel comfortable with their new member. In this case, ‘trust but verify’ works both ways.”
Often, a corporate workplace manager will execute the transaction to support multiple users. CloudVO’s ability to provide a trusted and efficient interface with single-point of billing and support is also critical.


About CloudVO

CloudVO  is a provider of comprehensive on-demand workspace solutions under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO supports work-from-home and distributed workforces by providing access to professional offices, coworking space, virtual offices, and meeting rooms at 900 affiliated locations worldwide.