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Building your Business Online: Some Useful Tips on Setting Up an Effective Virtual Office Space

Live Answering Services and Virtual office space

No matter if you are located in New York City or Miami, building your first virtual office or home-based business can be challenging. There are several factors to think about and a few challenges to face once you start setting up your virtual office space. However, these challenges shouldn’t hinder you from running your business smoothly. If you are on the stage of setting up your virtual office space, then the following tips can help you out.

Live Answering Services

Many businesses still depend on the telephone to contact people.  Setting up a business phone number, and then hiring a live answering service to handle it, can help you jumpstart your home-based business. With a reliable virtual receptionist, you have a hundred percent assurance that you will never miss a call.

Not only does having a live answering service offer a friendly and professional appeal, it allows you to focus on your business. Trained to work as an extension of your staff, CloudAnswering does the filtering of sales calls, gathering the basic information & relaying the important information over to you wherever you are. This seamless service enables you to prioritize calls, and allow you to choose to accept the call or have transferred to your personalized voicemail.

Develop a professional image

Even if you are just working from home, it is still crucial to showcase a professional image not only to your clients, but also to your team. This is necessary, even if you just intend to work on your pajamas. Having a live answering service handle your calls can go a long way to putting forth a
professional image. Ensure that you dress appropriately during important meetings with clients. Dressing professionally is essential,
especially if you are meeting with the client personally or on Zoom. This
will let you show an image of authority and professionalism, making it easier to earn their trust.

Get a Prestigious Business Address

Another way to develop a professional image, and create trust from your clients is to have a prestigious business address. A great advantage to having a virtual office is you can work from wherever you are. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be located where your address is. There are laws and taxes to keep in mind based on what state you are “located” in, but really you can be located wherever you would like. Set up your office in New York Miami , or Chicago . The location of your business can give your clients the feel that you are professional, experienced, and ready to handle their needs.

Keep your communication lines open

Your employees/team members should feel comfortable when asking questions or communicating with you. Reassure them that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Make them feel like they can raise their concerns anytime without fear of getting judged. Some ways to communicate with your team are Zoom, Google Meet, and GoTo Meeting.

Rent/outsource some services

With the increase of interest in virtual offices, workspace providers are sharing their services to other interested operators. Check out their offers and determine which among these providers can meet your specific requirements. Some of those who are into virtual office space rental also offer additional services like live telephone answering and forwarding, a business address in New York, Miami, Chicago or more, based on where you would like your business to be, listing of email addresses, and building directories. Before starting your search, create a list of all the services that you need. This way, you can easily determine, which among the virtual office space providers can meet your specific requirements.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are in Chicago, Miami, or New York, creating an online
business has a variety of elements that need to be taken into consideration. Businesses like
CloudVO offer services such as telephone answering, a prestigious business address, mail and packaging services, and a conference room or part time office each month. This will allow you to create a business you love, without having to worry about the small details that can be a hassle. Virtual office spaces are a great solution for small business who want to go big.

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