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Breaking News on CloudVO

With the Global Workspace Association Conference less than 2 months away, KFIX NEWS brings you a special report on an important announcement by CloudVO. It was heard that Laurent Dhollande, CEO of CloudVO, was meeting with his team of experts on a new announcement. It is rumored that this announcement will be change virtually everything!  Tune in as the team reports live from CloudVO headquarters in San Francisco.

It looks like there is a lot to look forward to at this year’s GWA Conference, which is in Las Vegas from September 28 – October 1. Stay tuned for more breaking news from the KFIX news team, as they continue to travel and report live from around the nation on more information regarding this major announcement. Until then, stay classy!

KFIX NEWS is brought to you by CloudVO, the leading reseller in virtual offices, coworking and meeting spaces, and touchdown passes.

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