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Best Practices for Lease Negotiations by Coworking Operators

Tracy Wilson, Chief Operating Officer for CloudVO, authored this white paper drawing on lease negotiations from her own experiences as a commercial real estate broker and as Managing Partner for Pacific Workplaces. Tracy’s background offers expertise in the different types of partnerships a workspace provider may form with a landlord including Management Contracts, Joint Venture Agreements, Participating Leases, and Traditional Leases.

The Best Practices shared in this report are based on the experiences of Pacific Workplaces Principals accumulated during several dozens of lease agreement negotiations and renewals for their shared office space operations. The white paper discusses multiple strategies and tactics associated with lease negotiations ranging from the importance of keeping the right frame-of-mind throughout the deal to assessing risk and planning for the future. It also shares actual lease language Pacific Workplaces has formulated for a few important provisions that are often overlooked by workspace providers.

lease negotiations best practicesCloudVO offers this white paper as a resource to CloudVO partners and friends in the industry. If you are a CloudVO partner, feel free to call Tracy for more discussion, anytime.

For more information specific to workspace providers, check out our LinkedIn Workplace-as-a-Service™ discussion group and join the conversation.

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