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Best Lunch Spots While Coworking in Sacramento

Best Lunch Spots while coworking in Sacramento | CloudVO

Sacramento, California is a vibrant community of work-from-home (WFH) professionals and remote workers who choose to work out of coworking spaces to connect with like-minded professionals, get the creative juices flowing, or simply change-up their weekly routine.  Now that summer is here, we should make it a point to get out for lunch and grab something delicious to eat – especially in sunny Sacramento!  Here are a few lunch spots to check out while coworking in Sacramento.

Mas Taco Bar

This was a favorite amongst our team members and partners.  The diversity of the menu is what makes this a standout spot offering your traditional style tacos like chicken and pork, to more unique options such as Indian Naan, Korean Fried Chicken, and Shrimp Banh Mi tacos.  If you’re the adventurous type, each month they feature a different “Secret Taco” that’s only available for a limited time.

If tacos are not your thing, they also have a section on their menu called “Not Tacos” featuring items like chopped salad, black bean stew, and “bowls” which are essentially dishes with brown rice, red sauce, and some sort of protein.  “The margaritas at Mas Taco Bar are great,” says Pacific Workplaces Sacramento Watt Community Manager Ashley Demairais.”  Perhaps something to consider on a Friday lunch break?

Best Lunch Spots while coworking in Sacramento Mas Taco Bar
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If you’re a barbecue (BBQ) enthusiast, you should definitely give this next spot a try.  Sauced specializes in authentic Southern BBQ.  It’s a style of cooking that largely involves slow-cooking meat in a wide variety of delicious marinades and sauces. “ I always get the buffalo mac & cheese, the brisket, or the sweet potato casserole,” says Pacific Workplaces Roseville Community Manager Blair Ball.  

Sauced BBQ & Spirits has several locations, but locals will want to check out the one at 1028 7th Street in the Downtown Commons (DOCO) area, which just happens to be conveniently located near one of our brand new partner locations in Downtown Sacramento on J Street.  Oh, and if you need to get some frustrations out during your lunch break, Sauced offers axe throwing too!

Best Lunch Spots while coworking in Sacramento Sauced BBQ
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Danielle’s Creperie

If you’re in the mood to eat something a bit more delicate, but still deliciously satisfying, Danielle’s Creperie specializes in just about every variety of crepe you can think of.  From savory meat and seafood crepes like Beef Bourguignon and crab with spinach, to sweet dessert crepes filled with fruit and topped with confectioners sugar and whipped cream, Daneille’s Creperie is an award-winning restaurant that offers mouth-watering french cuisine.  Some of their most beloved dishes are their Ratatouille, Coq Breton, Seafood Medley, Sausage, and Peppers & Onion dishes.  This is also a great spot if you’re looking for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. 

Best Lunch Spots while coworking in Sacramento Danielles Creperie
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Il Fornaio

Need a spot for a more formal business lunch?  Il Fornaio in Downtown Sacramento offers more of a fine-dining ambiance and showcases regional Italian cuisine.  Word on the street is that they used to serve a delicious butternut ravioli which has recently disappeared from their menu, but if you ask for it they will make it for you!  

If you don’t need the formal setting of their lovely dining room, you can also consider ordering a thin crust pizza and eating out on their patio. 

Best Lunch Spots while coworking in Sacramento Il Fornaio
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Fox & Goose Public House

If you’re craving a pub-style kind of meal, the Fox & Goose Public House offers traditional English dishes as well as your standard American-style bar food options.  The restaurant has a renovated warehouse vibe and outside patio if you prefer to soak in some sun.  Lunch options include British standards like Fish & Chips and Shepherd’s Pie, but they also serve burgers, sandwiches, and hearty salads.  

The menu is great in that it indicates very clearly which dishes are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. In terms of drinks and spirits, they offer a plethora of draft beers, wine, signature cocktails, and 12-different flavors of mimosas. Word on the street is that their margaritas are both yummy and pack a good punch!

Best Lunch Spots while coworking in Sacramento Fox and Goose Public House
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This list would not be complete without a sushi option.  We are Californians after all and we love our sushi!  Mikuni Japanese Restaurant & Bar has been offering fresh sushi in the area for years.  The Tuna Slider’s and their Train Wreck Roll (eel, tuna, and a blend of crab mix, panko shrimp, onion, avocado, spicy sauce and seeds) seems to be a popular choice. 

If you like Japanese food but aren’t a fan of raw fish, they have a good amount of cooked options including chicken & beef teriyaki, curry, and udon (thick flour noodles usually served in a dashi-based broth).  Locals tell us the atmosphere is modern and hip, and although it’s on the pricier side compared to other Japanese spots, the seafood is always fresh and the portions are generous for their combination lunch bento boxes.

Best Lunch Spots while coworking in Sacramento Mikuni Japanese Restaurant Tuna Sliders
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Let us know what your fave lunch spots are while coworking in Sacramento.  If you’re looking for a flexible workplace in the area, see our complete list of Sacramento flexible office spaces and reserve your spot today.  

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