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Incubator Client Highlight – Bamboo Solutions Launches Cloud CRM Beta

Bamboo Solutions Launches Cloud CRM Beta

Bamboo Solutions Launches Cloud CRM Beta

Bamboo Solutions, a SharePoint-based business provider, has launched its anticipated Bamboo CRM and Bamboo Support beta test. These cloud-based applications simplify sales, customer service, and product support for your business.

Bamboo has already proven its reliability and effectiveness with a variety of SharePoint-based software solutions. Expanding on its success in cloud based computing, Bamboo is adding to its Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted solutions. Over 30 companies are involved in the public beta. BambooCRM is designed to help customer service and sales professionals track communication with customers and leads in a reliable manner. The BambooSupport application tracks product support requests and actions.

We spoke with General Manager of Online Applications Group Marc O’Brien about the potential of these applications. O’Brien says “Bamboo CRM and Bamboo Support integrate together to provide a unique offering.” With these solutions working together, a sales person can immediately look and see past communications with the customer from the sales team, any product support requests filed from the customer, as well as actions taken to remedy a problem. This can give the sales team essential insight into a customer’s past so they can respond accordingly. “If things are going well for the customer,” says O’Brien, “there’s going to be an upsell opportunity that the sales person can immediately see with our SaaS applications.”

These applications provide the same seamless integration with SharePoint as on-premises software applications, but with a lightweight footprint. They are available in minutes with automated self-provisioning of accounts, even with sample data. Rather than spending valuable time and money installing SharePoint and applications, a company will have immediate access to important customer and support information through cloud based computing. This also makes upgrades to the application transparent, which allows Bamboo to provide superior service.

Both applications will be available on a monthly subscription basis. Independently, BambooCRM is at an introductory price of $29.99 per month and BambooSupport is at $19.99 per month. You can also purchase them together for $39.99 per month. The handy import wizard means that your contacts and customer support records can be imported from your old CRM and support clients.

The new applications are part of Bamboo’s newest division – the online applications group. The division, which started in January 2010, has already shown success with Bamboo CRM and has plans for further developments in the SaaS industry.

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