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Join the CloudTouchdown Football Pool and Help The Harvey Relief Effort

CloudTouchdown Football Pool

It’s that time of year again! Join the CloudTouchdown Football pool. Invest $25 and 5 minutes of your time to set yourself up in the pool and compete against Coworking operators and members all season long.

Last year we distributed thousands of dollars of cash prizes, donated hundreds of dollars to the Boys & Girls Club of America, and had a lot of fun in the process. This year CloudVO will also match the pool donation to the Boys & Girls Club with a donation to the Red Cross to benefit the Harvey Relief Effort. This Harvey donation will not be taken out of the pool but contributed directly by CloudVO, which means that 90% of the money raised will be distributed to the weekly and season-wide winners, like in past years.

CloudVO annual football for partners and members

Interested in joining the fun this year? All teams must be registered by the NFL season kick off on Thursday, September 7th, 2017.

If you would like to join our football pool, please see the details and instructions from our CloudTouchdown Football Commissioner below.

Feel free to forward to friends and to address any questions to:

Good reasons to join:

  1. Only $25.00 for the whole season
  2. Pick the NFL game winners every week
  3. Easy: if you don’t have time one week, the system will do it randomly for you
  4. Weekly Prizes
  5. Top 5 at the end of the season get BIG prizes
  6. Help our Youth: 10% of the money raised will be donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America – the rest is entirely distributed as prizes

This year we will be using – a new website that we think has a better interface. If you have a log-in from last year, you will have to create a new username and password since this is a different interface.

This website allows us to set our own pool options and enter our own weekly picks. Each week, after picks have been entered, RunYourPool generates a spreadsheet with all the picks of our pool. As the games are played the spreadsheet is automatically updated reflecting points earned for each winning game. Points are totaled each week and tracked for the season for all the players of our pool.


  1. Follow registration instructions at:
  2. To become a Player in our pool you must first create a team/userID using the link above, then email your name and contact info to to confirm that you have registered as a player, and so we know where to send the prizes!

How to enter the week 1 picks:

1. After your register, LOG IN at
2. Click on “Your picks” tab at the top
3. Click on the “Make Your Picks” option for that given week. You should see the list of games for that week. Choose the winners of each game by
clicking and dragging the games up or down to reflect your level of confidence in the winner of that game (16 being the most confident, and 1 the least confident). Note: If you don’t like the drag & drop functionality, you can change your picksheet version to drop down boxes.
4. Click “Submit Picks”
5. Repeat Steps above to make you Picks each week.

I am in a rush this week, how do I let the system do it for it for me?

  1. Do nothing and the system will assign points based on the favorite of each game.
  2. Or, if you want, you can make your picks in advance, all the way throughout the season!

Pool Prize Distribution:

  • Roughly 50% of the prize money goes to the weekly winners – expect the weekly winner to get anywhere between $25 and $50, depending upon the number of participants.
  • The rest of the prize money will form the Season Winners Prize Pool
  • The Season Winners Prize Pool will be distributed as follows:- 45% to 1st place- 25% to 2nd place- 15% to 3rd place- 10% to 4th place- 5% to 5th place

Good luck to all!

Your Pool Manager,


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