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The Advantages of Using Virtual Office Space

With the advancements in the field of technology and communication, it seems that virtual office space is starting to become the norm.

entrepreneur-593371_640If your business follows flexible work hours, or you are outsourcing employees from halfway across the world, a digital office gives people the opportunity to conveniently work wherever and whenever.

Sadly, some people are still skeptical about this idea. Most of them think that the tools they need are expensive, or having much freedom at work becomes a hindrance to productivity.

To set the record straight and clarify some issues, this article will list down some of the key benefits of using an online office space.

1. Say goodbye to commuting problems

Don’t you just hate it when your staff is always late due to heavy traffic? If you let him work as a virtual assistant, you can be sure that he can report to work on time. Even if you are the boss of your own company, you understand how difficult it is to drive or commute to work. With a virtual office, you can increase your productivity and become more focused at work.

2. Employees will become more physically active

According to a research from the University of Sydney’s Department of Public Health, sitting at your chair for more than 11 hours every day will increase your chances of dying in the next three years. If you give your staff a flexible work schedule, it will be easier for them to find time for rest and physical exercise.

hands-woman-legs-laptop3. You access a wider pool of talent

As your business expands internationally, it is ideal that you outsource staff from the local community. Since they are already knowledgeable about their own fellowmen, it will be easier for them to build good relationships with customers. Sometimes, maintaining offshore staff also costs less as compared to hiring local talent.

4. You can reduce your overhead costs

Building a virtual workstation means that you do not have to spend so much money on office lease, utility bills, or other expensive costs gained from maintaining a brick-and-mortar office.

Of course, you need to invest in software and a little bit of hardware, but they are not that expensive. This will allow you to invest in and focus more on hiring talented employees.

The Wrap-Up

A virtual workstation is effective if you are managing a small business or if you are expanding abroad. Compared to a traditional office space, virtual office solutions do not require you to spend a lot on furniture or hardware, and services such as live phone answering or hourly meeting rooms can save you money. Your employees will also benefit from this setup because they don’t need to commute and their schedule will be flexible.

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