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A Loan to Arben

CloudVO’s ongoing Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs campaign entrepreneurs for entrepreneursfunds loans to help business owners access the tools and resources they need to develop and succeed. The importance of these loans empowers our team and community members to give back to other startups and established business owners, not just locally, but globally. CloudVO’s objective is to make an impact with all entrepreneurs everywhere, and KIVA allows us to do that!

Today we are highlighting one particular loan: a loan to Arben.

Arben, 43, from Poblacion, Aurora, Zamboanga Del Sur (South Philippines) is married with one child. He owns a transport service business, which he started 10 years ago. His monthly salary is 10,000 PHP. That is $213. In order for Arben to further develop his business, he is borrowing 20,000 PHP from Gata Daku Multi-Purpose Cooperative (GDMPC), a field partner facilitating this particular loan. He needs this loan to purchase additional parts, accessories, and tires. The loan also allows Arben to access training to improve his skills. He hopes to one day expand his business.

With the help of 16 various lenders, Arben received his total loan, enabling him to buy spare parts and tires.

Arben working his Transport Service Business

Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs continues to fund loans to help business owners worldwide. Join our team today and help people like Arben attain their business goals.

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