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5 Holiday Promotion Ideas For Coworking Operators

5 Holiday Promotion Ideas for Coworking Space Operators | CloudVO

The holidays are a great opportunity to highlight your flex office space. Seasonal marketing campaigns are a chance to educate people about coworking, increase engagement, and bring in new members. To help you capitalize on the season, here are a few promotion ideas to consider for your holiday marketing strategy.

Offer A Killer Discount 

Consumers expect steep sales from stores during the holidays, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t just for retailers. Consider offering a ‘no-brainer’ discount. For instance, our sister company Pacific Workplaces has a Cyber Week campaign offering any Coworking Membership or Virtual Office Plan for $1 for the first month. This removes any barriers to entry for people interested in coworking, but are hesitant to try because of cost. 

You can pre-market a promotion like this ahead of time via email, social media campaigns, and posts to your Google Business Profile where the call-to-action is for folks to sign-up to “Get Notified” when the sale goes live. This helps drum up a sense of urgency and excitement. 

Create a Value-Add Offer

Rather than just discounting services, consider creating an add-on or bonus offer. Many operators have added new hybrid-work products post Covid to provide options to work-from-home (WFH) professionals. Offer a BOGO deal on your monthly All Access or Flex Pass Memberships. This is a great way to promote any new services or products and get feedback. You can also create value-add offers for your virtual office services as well. For instance, add-on digital mail services free for any new business address/mail plan users. Think through the amenities and services you want to showcase and bundle them to create a great value-add deal. 

Pro-tip: BOGO offers can also be used to provide gift discounts. During the holidays, shoppers not only buy for themselves but for friends and family. Get creative and think of ways to market your memberships as gift products too!

Offer Pre-Book Specials

Certain industries leverage this concept of “reserve now, enjoy later” to manage ebbs and flows throughout the year. Perhaps you find that the holiday months are slow in terms of lead flow, but you can still benefit from holiday promotions in the Spring. For instance, offer a holiday meeting room coupon that folks can buy now at a lower rate and redeem anytime within the next 3 or 4 months. This is a great way to drum up new business for your meeting rooms.

Conference room users may not need these services during the slower winter season, but will find great value in an offer like this when things pick back up again in a couple of months. Give them a little incentive now while they are in the shopping spirit.

Holiday Social Media Giveaway

This list would not be complete without a specific campaign for social. The holidays are a great excuse to get creative with content on social media. We all know that Facebook giveaways and contests on Instagram can offer a boost in followers and maximize engagement, but they are also great ways to build community. With the way social media contests work today, contestants will likely share and tell their friends and family about it. 

Put a holiday spin on your social media contest by offering a special prize such as a bundle of day passes to work free for a week, or giveaway two prizes – one for the winner plus a loved one so they can try coworking together! 

5 Holiday Promotion Ideas for Coworking Operators Giveaways | CloudVO

Make sure your holiday social media contest post includes:

  • The prize!!
  • Clear guidelines on how to enter, including dates the campaign will run
  • Outline when and how winners will be announced
  • Details on how winners can claim their prize

Make sure your contest includes having users follow your business, like your post, and tag friends so you can grow your following and increase engagement with your business. As you drum up engagement, ask new followers if you can add them to your newsletter or email list so that you can keep the relationship going.

Referral Contest

Chances are you already have a referral program, but do people know about it? Give it a boost with a holiday themed referral contest. Whatever your current program offers, sweeten the deal to make it extra enticing. You could even provide prizes for 2nd and 3rd place winners as well.

The holidays are a time when people are looking for great deals and where to find unique gift ideas. Take advantage by giving your members an added incentive to spread the word about your coworking space.

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