What is CloudVO?

Welcome to CloudVO, the most flexible and comprehensive on-demand workplace company, where you can access state-of-the-art facilities and services on a subscription or pay-per-use basis, anywhere in our global network of almost 1,000 flexible office locations with 3,000 day offices and meeting rooms to choose from.

Virtual Office and Digital Mail

Our virtual office solutions enable users to establish a strong local business identity, including the use of our prime locations business addresses, building directory listings, digital mailboxes and traditional mail & courier services. You can also provision local phone numbers and live answering services online, with personalized greetings and call screening, so no important call is missed during business hours. Our receptionist can announce your call, patch the call to your cell phone, or send the caller directly to voicemail, as you chose. Last, but not least, our virtual offices give you the option to work in our professional day offices or conduct important business meetings in our conference rooms, with professional receptionists to greet your guests, enterprise-grade Wifi, and all the presentation equipment you need. All of this at a fraction of the cost of a full-time office.

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Meeting Rooms

Being a CloudVO member gives you preferential access to close to 3,000 day offices and meeting rooms in a shared office location across 1,000 locations worldwide, carefully selected for their highly professional services and amenities. That means a reliable wifi environment, state-of-the-art presentation tools, professional on-site receptionists, prime locations, and high-quality buildings. The meeting rooms can be accessed on a pay-per-use or on a monthly subscription basis with CloudTouchdown Passes.

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Private Offices

If you need a dedicated office or team space, chances are you will find exactly what you need among the 30,000 private, furnished offices we can give you access to. They are all located in shared office spaces or coworking spaces, which means our local partners have the state-of-the-art infrastructure available to you on-demand so that you only pay what you use, and you can expand and contract your occupancy as needed. If you want a safe and secure private office space, choose a location and one of our experts will help you identify the office space that best matches your needs in our network.

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How We Support Remote Work

CloudTouchdown was designed to support remote work and distributed workforces, including those who work from home. When the home office infrastructure shows its limit, when the baby or the dog is in the way, when a mobile worker needs to check into a professional office with all the tools of the trade, the CloudTouchdown Pass is the solution to access part-time private offices, also called “Day Offices,” at a nearby location under a budget-friendly, fixed-rate monthly subscription.

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Many of our locations have open coworking spaces, which you can access on a daily or monthly basis. Besides being less expensive than private offices or meeting rooms, a Coworking Membership gives you a better chance to interact with other professionals who share the coworking space with you, and to join the frequent networking events that take place in most of our coworking locations.

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